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Well, hello there. You've found us, congratulations and thank you for stopping by.


We started Early in Autumn 2023 as an attempt to deal with the gnawing problem that we were living in Brighton, a city brimming with music and culture, and yet it felt like we were missing the best of it.

There didn't seem to be a physical magazine or a website that really got under the skin of what was going on and although every venue and promoter was trying their hardest to get the word out onto the streets, the deluge of information was almost impossible to navigate. 

With Early, we want to offer a weekly digest of the best of music and culture, highlight the fantastic independent venues that make Brighton special, keep an eye out for fresh, new talent and make sure our readers never miss a great gig in the city ever again.

We're still learning, still growing but we're building a loyal following who seem to like what we're offering, there's a new edition every Monday.

If you're a subscriber already, thanks for your support. If you're tempted to join us, use the subscribe button to send us an email, just the word 'join' is fine and we'll do the rest. Hope to see you among our tribe very soon.

The Early Bird

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